HydroSilex OffRoad 250 ml

HydroSilex OffRoad 250 ml

Ceramic Coating

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Volume: 250 ml

HydroSilex OffRoad is a revolutionary DIY ceramic surface protection specially designed to withstand off-road environment's conditions. Once applied, it gives strong hydrophobic and slick effects to the surfaces making your vehicle’s maintenance way easier and protecting it against the dirt, mud, dust, sun and other hars elements. Often, a simple rinse off is enough to get your 4x4, ATV or any off-road vehicle, back to a brand-new look after any adventure! The UV protection provided by the coating will protect the surfaces from oxidation and fading. Your vehicle will have a new look without constant washing, waxing, and buffing.

  • Makes surface cleaning easy - Often, a simple rinse off is enough.
  • Protects the surface against the harsh elements (thick mud, dirty water, dust, dirt, UV rays, etc).
  • Glossy effect.
  • Specially designed to withstand the Off-Road World.
  • Easy spray & wipe application.

easy to

withstand off-road environment.

HydroSilex Coating application.

1. Spray an even mist onto a clean, dry, cool surface. One small panel/section at a time.

2. Immediately buff with a clean microfiber towel in a waving motion.

3. For a perfect finish, follow up with a second light buff using another clean microfiber towel in a waving motion.